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Sep 28, 2012 9:00am EDT
. according to "the wall street journal"/nbc poll, obama leads in nevada 49% to 47% and in new hampshire and north carolina. two of the three states both think romney a strong run the economy. that is one set of polls. now we have this other set we want to show you quickly. this is from rasmussen. they do a daily tracking poll. for a long time now, they have been showing this race as even. this gets updated daily at about 9:30 a.m. they have obama and romney both up 46% nationwide. with leanders, 48% a piece. the swing state tracking poll is tied as well at 46%. this is from rasmussen reports. scott, a republican in colorado springs. hello, scott. what do you think about the campaign media coverage so far? caller: it's a joke. they are all totally biased. the thing that really gets me is that you have these various news view" andbama on 'the letterman. he won't go on fox. he avoids the tough ques tions. it's just as bad here in colorado as anywhere else. i hope when they have the debate in denver that they ask the tough questions. people need answers. this foreign-policy mass, -- mess, h
Sep 27, 2012 1:00pm EDT
in the debate. we will hear from obama. initially, we saw this in the polls, this has resonated, their traditional scare seniors about medicare tactics. that has been working really well. so i think obama will bring that up. one thing we will hear is the phrase that romney would end medicare's guarantee, which is a phrase the democrats have liked to use recently. we have raided that half-true for two reasons. one, it is not like it really has a guarantee now. congress can change the medicare benefits any time it wants to. it frequently has. now, romney would change the structure in which people would pay for medicare. it would go from being -- it would turn into the essentially a voucher plan. in that sense, we found some truth and rated it as half- truth. >> thank you, bill. our next prediction from glenn kessler, checker of facts, awarder of pinocchios. what will we see? >> i have two. they both deal with medicare. one thing i always say, the more complicated a subject is, the more susceptible it is stretching the truth. when it is complicated, you can make assertions that a l
Sep 25, 2012 1:00pm EDT
not entirely men. every poll that i have seen shows men favoring mitt romney. by another poll, a different direction. this is a group i have reported on -- nascar fans. nascar fans favor obama by about seven points, which is quite remarkable if you ever spent, as i have come a weekend at a nascar track. that is remarkable. so, there is some very mixed pictures here of those constituencies. colin served as a deputy of the defense from the middle east from 2009 to 2011. he is with the new americans security and the professor in the securities program at georgetown university. well, and my question to you is this. in light of the events in egypt and libya, how can the administration to defend its response to the arab spring? >> i think if you look back to the president's cairo speech in the summer of 2009, for what he said was the united states had an interest but the people in the region had an interest in moving towards a more just, accountable, representative government. we saw that movement. the demand for political change started in the late 2010 and spread elsewhere in the region. i thi
Oct 2, 2012 1:00pm EDT
they are with the working guy. i think obama signals that he would pursue a constitutional amendment. did he said is not possible. he may go door-to-door on this. some polls suggest the eu would be lower by it used to be just an last few cycles, that that was it beauregard's -- a bar partisan rally. there is a potential for one party to take this as a baton. >> at the same time the bipartisan ground has disappeared, it has become a much bigger issue among democrats. senator find gold was a patsy to the democratic leadership. in many ways, that was a miracle. what you have now in the previous congress until 2010, led a majority of democrats supporting the fair elections now act. it is deeply imbedded at the highest levels. of the have not really seen that before. if democrats were to take back the house, potentially, you have a different political scenario. republicans would have to respond to that because -- in the past, that was a good thing but on the other hand, they know that they have mastered this system and i don't really a mess of it. i think the commission is stronger and it will be fasc
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4